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Discover the transformative power of congregation numbers on church revenue. At Church Techs UK, we understand that increasing your congregation can have a direct impact on your income. By implementing our tailored communication solutions, you can engage with both regular attendees and infrequent visitors, encouraging them to participate more actively in your services.

Our advanced SMS system allows you to reach out to your congregation instantly, with messages that are read within seconds. With our help, you can build a robust database, segment your audience, and personalise your communication to foster a stronger sense of community and faith.

Embrace the digital age and unlock the potential of your church with Church Techs UK. Communicating faith digitally is our specialty.

So, How Can That Be Done?

The answer is all in one word. COMMUNICATION and Here’s How!!

The ways in which we communicate with one another have evolved dramatically since the days of smoke signals. From written language to the internet and smartphones/watches, the evolution of communication technology has had a profound impact on our ability to connect and exchange information.

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Let’s imagine a scenario for a moment. If you were to have all the ‘less often’ attendees standing outside the church and you asked them to come in, a good number would come in, WHY?

Well, one reason could be because they felt welcomed or felt guilty, but sometimes just being asked is enough. Of course, that segment of your congregation converging in front of the church is highly unlikely, but you could reach them with a text message.

Most people have their phones within a few feet and messages are read within the first three seconds.

In 2012, the UK regulator issued statistics confirming that texting has overtaken talking. https://bit.ly/Ofcom-stats. In more than ten years, that would have grown drastically.

We could also install a scheduling system that you could set in advance and a message would ping on their phone a couple of days before and maybe another the evening before to remind them.

SMS Stats
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SMS Stats

We could supply you with small strategically placed posters showing attractive QR codes in colours that match your website. When scanned by your attendees they will be taken to a short form where they will enter their details, which adds them to your database.

We can set you up with a robust SMS system where you can also segment your congregation in any way that would help you plan your mass SMS message. As an example, you might wish to separate children’s programmes, recorded sermons or podcasts.

It depends on whether you already have a database of your congregation. If not, we can set you up with a simple ‘capture’ system fairly quickly. You can then prompt your regular congregation to join your database and we’ll show you how.

Once your database is set up we’ll show you how to use SMS to humanise them, to encourage them to attend your services, to respond to feedback, to show them how to encourage them to invite friends and lots more. It’s a win-win result.

It’s not a quick fix and may take weeks to create a database of your congregation but don’t worry, we at Church Techs will help you.

There are several ways to create a database of your churchgoers be they frequent or not so frequent, which are simple and not intrusive. We also need to protect the church and ensure that the database complies with the general data protection regulations (GDPR).

The easiest method is to ask them to use their phone’s camera to point at a QR code. That would take them to a short form asking them to enter their details. It’s quick and easy. Can you imagine how you will feel when you see the growth in congregation numbers?

Get in touch with us by email: helper@churchtechs-uk.com or call/text 07793 215 981 and we can show you how to grow your audience, how to communicate digitally with them and how the ‘donate’ button that we could install for you may suddenly get used so much more.




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